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Take Control of Your Financial Future

We provide practical financial programs that can help you take control of your finances and make steady progress toward your financial goals and dreams.

 Our programs consist of personalized one-on-one coaching sessions and interactive small-group workshops, all affordably priced and delivered by a skilled financial professional.  They are designed to help you build the skills and confidence to:

  • Create a successful budget.

  • Reduce your credit card, student loan, and car debt.

  • Improve your credit score and credit report.

  • Save and invest toward your goals.

  • Prepare for financial emergencies.​

  • Buy your first home.

Fees - Families
Our standard fee for families is $60 per hour.  We are committed to helping low-income households gain affordable access to a financial professional.  We offer discounted fees for our programs if you are working but have a low earned income.
Fees - Organizations
Our standard fee for organizations is $85 per hour.
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