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Personal Finance Consulting Projects for Organizations

Financial Fundamentals consults with organizations that wish to offer personal finance workshops and coaching sessions to their clients or staff.


  • Want to introduce a new personal finance program?  We design and deliver customized programs that will meet your organization's specific requirements. 

  • Have an existing program?  We provide consultation on ways to build or improve current programs. 

  • Need extra resources to support existing staff?  We serve as an flexible, expert resource to supplement current resources. 

Representative Consulting Projects

Customized Workshops for Industry-Specific Nonprofit

We developed a series of personal finance workshops for an industry-specific nonprofit that covered budgeting, credit and debt management, and saving and investing.  We worked with the staff of the nonprofit to create content that was specific and relevant to their industry.  This custom content has resonated with the members of the nonprofit who have attended the workshops.

More recently, this nonprofit hired us to provide one-on-one financial coaching sessions to members who are seeking more personalized help.

Case Worker Training for Homeless Services Nonprofit

We interviewed the case workers of a nonprofit that serves temporary and longer-term homeless families to determine the personal finance challenges that are most common among families.  We then developed training materials for each of these challenges.  Topics included Saving and Getting Ahead While Receiving SSI, Paying Past-Due Bills, Re-Establishing a Bank Account With a CHEX Systems Record, Finding a Job with a CORI Record, and others.

We led training sessions for the case workers that elevated the knowledge-level of all staff around these topics.  Afterward, the nonprofit converted the materials to client-facing resources that can be used in group workshops or private sessions.

Expert Resource for Financial Services Nonprofit

We serve as an ongoing expert resource for a nonprofit that provides financial coaching programs to low-income families. The nonprofit's financial coaches call us to discuss any financial topics arise with clients that are complex, unusual, or otherwise beyond their training level.  On occasion the coaches ask us to speak directly with clients.  We also create a variety of financial resources for the nonprofit, ranging from training materials for the coaches to consumer materials for clients.  Finally, we provide consultation on special projects, such as evaluations of potential financial services partners.

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