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Personalized, One-on-One Financial Coaching Programs for Families

We can design a personalized program for you that targets your specific financial challenges or goals.  Through a series of private financial coaching sessions, we increase your level of financial knowledge and self-confidence, using easy-to-understand examples, tips, and tools.  As your knowledge grows, we create achievable action plans to help you apply what you are learning to your own household finances.  We follow up with your regularly so that you stay on track with your plan.  And we review the results of your work so that you can build upon your successes and remove any obstacles you encounter.

Popular Financial Topics and Programs

In all cases we focus on the financial topics that are most important to you.  These topics tend to be the most popular with our clients.  The videos provide brief thoughts and suggestions on each topic.

Creating a Successful Budget

Learn how to create a successful budget for your household that allows you to feel more in control of your finances and save more consistently each month.  We will discuss techniques that can help you develop a positive mindset toward budgeting, maintain your budget with limited effort, and identify savings opportunities within your budget. 

Reducing Credit Card, Student Loan, and Car Debt

Determine ways to steadily pay down your debts over time.  Credit card debt, student loans, and car debt can all be covered.  We will discuss different techniques to manage and reduce these types of debts.

Improving Your Credit Score and Credit Report

See how to improve your credit score and credit report over time.  We will discuss how your credit score is determined, and identify the primary reasons why your score isn't higher.  We will then review strategies to increase your score over time, as well as ways to monitor and manage the contents of your credit report.

Saving and Investing Toward Your Goals

Gain a better understanding of saving and investing basics so that you can more confidently select among product and account options.  We will discuss the similarities and differences between saving and investing, as well as the types and uses of saving and investing products.  We will also cover fundamental, common-sense investment principles that underpin a successful investment strategy, and how you can apply these principles to your own circumstances and goals.  (Please note that this program is purely educational.  We do not offer investment advice.)

Preparing for Financial Emergencies

Build a successful plan to prepare for financial emergencies.  We will use your budget to look for ways to increase the funds available to create an emergency fund.  We will discuss how you can set realistic savings targets and time frames to build up your emergency fund balance over time, rather than trying to fund it all at once.  We will also cover ways to address emergencies that may be too large for a typical emergency fund.  

Buying Your First Home

Create a successful strategy to buy your first home over the next 1-3 years.  We will review the steps involved in the home buying process, and the special programs that exist to make home ownership affordable to those with lower incomes.  We will also establish income, debt, credit score, and savings targets to position yourself for a home purchase.  

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