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Contact Information

Contact information for Stephen Barkhuff, Founder and President of Financial Fundamentals, LLC:


Contact information for Financial Fundamentals, LLC:



Services Provided

Financial Fundamentals, LLC ("we", "us", "our") do not provide financial planning or investment advisory services. Nor do we sell any financial products.

Instead, we provide personal finance education and coaching programs on specific financial topics that we believe are fundamental to working couples and individuals with modest incomes.  The topics are described on the Services page.

We offer two types of services: small-group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.  Clients can choose the topics and services that best fit their objectives and budget.

Our services rely on a model of shared responsibility, whereby both Financial Fundamentals, LLC and its clients (‘you", "your") take responsibility for different activities throughout the course of an engagement. We take responsibility for providing relevant and professional financial education and coaching within the subject areas covered by our programs, as well as appropriate action plan assignments to you. You take responsibility for completing the action plan assignments, which generally includes data gathering, research, and implementation. We believe this model helps to build your personal finance skills and self-confidence and keep our prices affordable.

We provide our services on our own; we do not use other professionals or firms to provide our services.


Sources of Compensation

We derive our revenue principally through the delivery of our programs.  We charge an hourly fee for each coaching session and related work before or after a coaching session.  Our prices are clearly stated on the Services page.

In some cases, you may incur costs in addition to the prices charged by us. For example, if you are enrolled in our program that provides education and coaching related to your credit report and score, it will be helpful for you to obtain your own credit report and score. Credit reporting companies may charge you a fee when you request this information.

We derive additional revenue by providing consulting services to organizations. For example, an organization may hire us to design and deliver financial workshops for their clients or employees, or to provide consultation on ways to build or improve their own personal finance programs.

We don't sell any financial products or use any outside professionals or firms, so we don't receive any compensation (such as commissions or referral fees) from any sources beyond those described above.

Methods of Payment

We will send you a detailed invoice via email after we provide services to you.  You may pay either by check or debit/credit card.  Debit/credit card payments are processed through PayPal®.  We don't ask for or collect your debit/credit card information.

Limitations of Services

We do not provide investment advisory services, so we cannot offer recommendations as to value of securities or the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities.

We do not provide financial planning services, so we cannot offer services that are commonly offered by financial planners, such as estate plans, retirement plans, investment plans, or income tax plans.


Privacy and Management of Non-Public Personal Information

We do not require non-public personal information (NPPI) from you and will not accept certain forms of NPPI, such as Social Security numbers or account numbers.  In some cases, you may provide other forms of NPPI to us that are directly related to a financial coaching session, such as the details of your monthly budget or your current credit card balances. 

We have adopted the following policies to protect your privacy and any NPPI you provide to us:

  • Use reasonable care and judgment when selecting, using, or recommending technologies/software

  • Use industry-leading technology platforms to manage email communications and document storage, and process debit/credit card invoice payments

  • Run anti-malware software

  • Run password management/protection software; change passwords regularly

  • Do not retain physical documents from clients; only retain electronic documents

  • Do not store electronic documents locally; only use cloud storage

  • Do not share your name or NPPI with any other party, unless you ask us to do so or we are required by law

Other Material Information

Stephen Barkhuff is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder. As such, he is bound to adhere to the ethical and practice standards enforced by the CFP Board and CFA Institute.  If you become aware that his conduct may violate these standards, you may file a complaint with one or both organizations:

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