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We Help Families With Modest Incomes Take Control of Their Financial Future

Services for Families

We provide private and affordable financial education and coaching services to individuals and couples.  Our work is focused on families who earn a low-to-moderate income and are looking for professional guidance on how to get ahead over time.

Services for Organizations

We provide consulting services to companies that serve or employ lower income families.  Our focus is on nonprofits that would like to offer a financial program and are looking for professional help on program design or operations.

Pro Bono Work

We partner with select organizations in our community to provide free access to professional financial education and guidance.  We offer these free services every month on an ongoing basis.

About Financial Fundamentals

Financial Fundamentals, LLC provides financial education and coaching programs to families and organizations.  It's all we do.  We don't offer financial planning, tax, or investment advisory services, or sell any financial products.  This introductory video describes our work in more detail, including the financial topics that are most popular with our clients.


Stephen Barkhuff is Founder and President. He launched Financial Fundamentals in 2014 to provide lower income families with affordable access to a skilled financial professional who is committed to helping them achieve their goals.  He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder with nearly 20 years of financial services experience.

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